Monday, August 17, 2009

Batterylife, Heat and Noise

After booting Windows Vista seems to indicate around 9-10 hours battery life, with semi dimmed screen and wireless network connected. This is very good for a 5600 mAh battery. Surfing the web for over 8 hours is possible, as long as not many flash based websites are visited (or Flashblock is used).

The American version 1410 will have a 4400 mAh battery which will be good for more than 6 hours.

Heat & Noise
Overall the machine is very quiet. During low CPU activity the fan is almost inaudible. I need to really pay attention to be able to pick up the sound of the fan.

When stressing the system the fan becomes a little bit more audible. But still it is relatively quiet. When comparing the 1810T to all the other laptops I've worked with it's one of the most quiet.

When I put the 1810T on the couch I noticed a strong increase in sound because the exhaust was blocked. When I lifted it it became quiet again.

For comparison: Acer 751 is even more quiet than the 1810T, while Sony Z makes a lot more noise than the 1810T.


  1. Taken from a posting at Aug 18, 2009
    This may resolve the 6 verses 8 hour battery life issue.

    Here is the information from Acer Support:
    Thank you for contacting Acer America. I’ll be happy to assist you.
    I understand that you would like to get information about the battery size of Acer Aspire 1410 notebook.

    ...., please note that Acer Aspire 1410 notebook supports six-cell lithium ion battery(4400 mAh): up to 6.0 hours life depending on configuration and usage. I would suggest contacting our sales support at 866-514-2237 for getting further information with purchasing the computer.

    I sincerely hope the above information will help you with the issue. For further clarifications please feel free to visit our web site
    Have a great day!
    Acer America
    Online Technical Support

  2. Thanks for sharing. I already mentioned it in the introduction but I'll do it here too.

  3. Why the difference in hours life between the American version and the European?

  4. I'm not sure why Acer has chosen this strategy. 1810T was first released in Europe, in US the 1410 with the smaller battery will be first. Later a 1810T may be released in the US too, with the larger battery.

  5. But why it does not come with the same hours life battery?

  6. It's cheaper to use a smaller capacity battery. The 1410 has a 4400 mAh capacity battery, 1810T has a 5600 mAh battery. The 4400 mAh is good for 6 hours, the 5600 mAh is good for 8 hours.

  7. How hot does the computer get?

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