Monday, August 17, 2009

Overall Performance and Video Playback

The first thing I did was uninstall some of the bloatware. Especially Mcafee Antivirus is something I do not want on my system. After removing a couple of more unwanted applications I tested the system. It felt very snappy to me. Using the 1810T as a desktop, browsing with 20 tabs and playing some music in the background there was never a hick up. Hard drive performance was good, as applications and windows opened quickly.

Booting the system went surprisingly fast. It took only 41 seconds from pressing the power button until the desktop appeared. A few seconds later the system was ready to use.

I tested several video clips. Playing the 1080p wmv trailer of 'Rules of Attraction' caused a 100% CPU load at times, but the movie seemed smooth.

Most Youtube HD clips played smooth. Except Lady Gaga's Poker Face did not play smooth in HD. CPU load was at 100% and frames started skipping. The SU3500 doesn't have enough muscle power to play this clip.

Update 3rd Sept: several users have confirmed that the Lady Gaga clip plays much better on their 1810T with Windows 7.

I also tested some 1080p clips with the popular H264 format. Best results were gotten with Media Player Classic Home Cinema using Cyberlink Power DVD codec.

The trailer of The Bourne Ultimatum looked spectacular: Fast moving action without any dropped frames en audio perfectly in sync. CPU load would often peak at 100% but this was not a problem. Enabling DXVA made CPU load a lot lower at the expense of image quality. The 1080p trailer of 'I Am Legend' played smooth with relatively low CPU load (around 40-50%) after enabling DXVA.

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  1. First, thanks for the review Phil! I have 1810T now too. I tried those videos too but they are not so smooth in my system. Where did you changed DXVA settings? I'm using MPC HC and CoreAVC codec.. I also tried other codec packs.

  2. This guide may answer your question. If not, try here or post your question in the same thread.

    PS. I got those results while working on AC power, in the profile 'High performance'.

  3. What other bloatware did u uninstall? I am getting my Acer 1810t-4093 in a month, what other things I should look for? THanks!

  4. Hi, I was using bsplayer before and I was really disappointed, but now things have chaged after reading the guide you linked! although I still can't watch HD from youtube (even 720p aren't smooth) I'm using mozilla as my default navigator. Any idea why could it be happening? Thanks from Argentina!