Monday, August 17, 2009

Design and Build Quality

The system is build very thin. Acer says it's 22.1mm at it's thinnest and 30mm at it's thickest. Especially the bottom half without the screen looks exceptionally thin. If you've had the Acer 751 in your hands you know what I mean.

The system feels very sturdy. There's no flex in the palm wrest area. The screen is more flexible, but this shouldn't be any problem. Pressing down on the keyboard I notice it hardly bends down.

The lid on the screen is made of entirely glossy material. It easily picks up finger prints so be ready to clean it often. Or walk around with a dirty notebook.

The palm wrest area looked a bit like steel. Actually I think it is plastic that has been painted. It looks classy though and it's an improvement over the Acer 751.

Another large improvement over the 751 is that the battery sits entirely flush. It doesn't stick out on the back or bottom. Overall I think Acer has done a great job on the design and build quality. It easily beats the other Timeline models. I'll be happy to take this laptop on my trips to the coffee shop.

The weight of the Acer 1810T proved to be 1.44 kg including the large 5600 mAh battery. The American 1410 will be lighter since it comes with 4400 mAh battery.

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  1. Hi.. I also have already bought the 1810T here in Indonesia. It's also a newly launch product so on top of the what you get (I get 4GB of memory) they also throw a free external Samsung Slim DVD writer. I also get an acer laptop bag. Price here in Indonesia tend to be more expensive than other countries. The price I paid is USD 685, which compared to other product here is quite a bargain considering I get 4 Gigs of memory and an external hard disk. What do you think?

  2. $ 685 sounds like a great price. In the US it's $450 for an 1410 with smaller battery, less memory, no bag, no dvd drive. So $ 685 is comparable to the US, and much lower than in Europe.

  3. Hi Phil, I am in Indonesia too, hearing you said that US$685 is a great price give me more reason to replace my bulky Toshiba Satellite A100.... Thanks for the review.

  4. Hi Aryo, im intrested to know the performance of this laptop. Im planing to buy one but lil worried about the processor. would be great to hear from you about this laptop. atleast i would be happy to know this one behaves better than celeron n dual core..