Monday, August 17, 2009

Benchmark Scores

I ran some benchmarks to get a feel of the SU3500 raw power. Running SuperPI took 15 seconds for the 512K calculation, 36 seconds for the 1M calculation.

Atom N270 83 seconds
Intel SU3500 36 seconds
Intel P8600 21 seconds

For comparisons to your favorite CPUs have a look here.

Passmark Performance Test 7, an overall performance benchmark delivered a 358 points Passmark Performance Rating. That's a lot more than Atom based netbooks that score around 200.
Acer 1810T - 358
Acer 751 (Atom z520) - 165
Asus 1000HE (Atom N270) - 235
Sony TT (SU9300)- 360

The Passmark CPU Mark for the SU3500 was 490.

Intel Atom N270 (1.60GHz) - 306
Intel Pentium M (2.00GHz) - 497
Intel C2D U7600 (1.20GHz) - 729
Intel C2D T5250 (1.50GHz) - 793

For comparison, here's the complete list of other CPUs. This list isn't 100% accurate though, as you can see by their rating of the SU3500.

Here's the Windows Experience Index, which can easily compared to your current Windows system.

Wprime 32M was completed in 108 seconds. Running HD Tune for the hard drive delivered no surprises. The single platter Western Digital Scorpio Blue works relatively fast, quiet and without vibration.

To test the game performance Doom 3 Timedemo 1 was run. In 640x480 resolution and medium quality 12.5 fps were displayed. In high quality the score was 11.6 fps.



    The Samsung 510 with ION-Graphics got 18 FPS in Doom3 (640x480, ultra-low settings). Could you please run the same setup?

  2. Unfortunately I can't because I no longer have the review unit in my possession.

    You may want to ask an N510 owner to run it in medium settings.

  3. Will it run adobe photoshop cs2?for psd to xhtml man

  4. SU3500 is quite a powerful CPU, comparable to Pentium M 2.0GHz. It is enough power for Photoshop.

    I have no experience with "for psd to xhtml" so can't comment on that.

  5. thx,more one question,my using in the laptop is internet,sometime music,videos(no hd),photoshop,php coding,do the laptop is good for my using?
    and one more and last question,can i install(by myself) windows xp and/or linux on the laptop?(there is some laptops which their bios is blocking linux and xp)
    and thx again :)

  6. Sure, it's fast enough for that. XP will be no problem. Linux I don't know.