Monday, August 17, 2009

Verdict: Great Value but....

The Acer 1810T managed to impress me. It's well built, very portable and powerful enough for most parts of normal use. It's performance and screen are a huge improvement over netbooks. Battery life performance is among the best in class.

The SU3500 CPU has some limitations in Vista, mainly HD flash playback. I'm looking forward to test the 1810TZ with SU4100 Dual Core, to see if it does better.

Several users running Windows 7 on their 1810T have confirmed that HD Flash playback runs much better than with Vista.

1080p video playback on the 1410 (1810T) looks nothing short of amazing due to the good performance, glossy screen and impressive sound of the small speakers. This notebook will be a great choice for movie lovers.

The value for money of this notebook is incredible. Not long ago it was impossible to get a system this light and powerful for less than $1000. Acer managed to do it for only $449. Given that some netbooks are just as expensive, the 1410 is likely to be a succes.

+ Good desktop/office performance
+ Great battery life
+ Very portable
+ Good build quality
+ Easy to upgrade (4GB or SSD)
+ HDMI port

- Screen not suitable for working in sunlight
- Core Solo CPU lacks some power for some HD Flash in Vista.

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