Monday, August 17, 2009

Display Quality

The Acer 1810T uses a AU Optronics AUO205C with 1366*768 resolution. The 11.6" LED panel delivers a very sharp picture. Contrast isn't comparable to Macbook Pro or Sony Z levels, but it's good enough considering the price of this laptop.

This display is as glossy as it gets. At first I thought there was a plastic protective layer on the display but it turned out to be the normal coating. The panel is slightly above average notebook brightness but nothing special. It's not good enough to overpower reflection when working outside with sunlight.

At the right angle colors look pretty vibrant and photographs look realistic with help of the glossy coating. The screen has quite narrow vertical viewing angles. When tilting the screen forward contrast lowers quickly and colors become faded. Contrast is very dependent on the viewing angle. Tilting the screen slightly backward makes the contrast look better and colors more vibrant.

The AUO205C screen has been measured by
Average brightness 173,00 cd/m²
Black levels at 100 cd/m2 0,51 cd/m²
Black level at max. brightness cd/m² 0,96
Contrast at 100 cd/m2 196,00:1
Contrast at max. brightness 180,00:1

The same AUO205C display is used in Asus 1101HA, Acer 751 and a Gateway 11.6" model (Packard Bell in Europe).

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