Monday, August 17, 2009

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard on the 1810T is something to get used to. Acer has chosen a design that looks a bit like a chiclet keyboard, but there are gaps in between of the keys. I wonder if dirt will fall in between of the keys and how it will be cleaned. Time will tell. The size of the keyboard is 100%, that's another large advantage this 1810T (or 1410) has over almost every netbook. The keys itself are flat and have a slight texture giving quite a comfortable feel without being slippery. They keys have a decent amount of feedback. All strokes are registered and take little effort.

There is a little bit of keyboard flex but far less than other notebooks like Dell Studio 1555. After using the keyboard for a while I'm starting to like it a lot.

The touchpad is a Synaptics with support for multi finger gestures. It works accurate and responsive. Sometimes even too responsive as unwanted touches are easily registered. Changing the sensitivity fixed that. Some people might say the touchpad is too small. Personally it did not bother me after I increased the sensitivity.

One gripe about the touchpad is that the edges are quite hard to notice. I've been mistaking quite a few times, I wonder if I will get used to it.

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